Due to the current health situation arising from COVID-19 such as the measures decided by French government, the Hill Notre-Dame du Haut is closed indefinitely from Monday 16th 2020

A unique place

The Hill Notre-Dame du Haut, located in Ronchamp (Franche- Comté) in the east of France, is a place of great historical, artistic and spiritual value.

Le Corbusier built a chapel there in 1955. Jean Prouvé made a three-bell portico in the 1970's and recently, in 2011, Renzo Piano also worked on the hill. Thus a harmonious architectural complex was created - composed of the Monastery of St. Clare, the tourist entrance pavilion (la Porterie), the Bell Tower (le Campanile) and the chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut. The latter, an iconic building, is a candidate for the World Heritage List in 2016.

All these contemporary architectural works are part of an exceptional natural environment. The panorama unfolds on four horizons: to the north, with a unique view of the Vosges mountains, to the east, on the Belfort Gap, to the south, on the first peaks of the Jura mountains and, to the west, on the valley of the Saone river.

The Hill is a site of Marian pilgrimage, as the two most important events are held on 15th August and 8th September, the days of the Assumption and the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.
Since 2009, a community of Poor Clares sisters has lived on the hill and maintained the spiritual vocation of the site.

Various cultural events bring to life the site throughout the year. Today, the site receives over 65,000 visitors per year from around the world.

Since 1789, the Hill Notre-Dame du Haut has been the private property of a non-profit organization (Association Oeuvre Notre-Dame du Haut : AONDH) which has responsibility for its upkeep.