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Toutes les informations pratiques pour bien préparer votre venue. Les réservations sont obligatoires pour les groupes.

Discover the Hill of Notre-Dame du Haut and walk about the place at your own pace.

Numerous display materials in 9 different languages are available for free: visitor’s leaflets, brochures with explanations, virtual tours.

Advised time for the visit: from 45’ to 1h30

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Discovery guided tour

Follow our lecturing guide to discover and understand the history and the architecture of the hill of Notre-Dame-du-Haut.  Through talks enlivened with anecdotes, the secrets of this unique place opened to the four cardinal points will be revealed to you.

This “discovery » tour includes all the masterpieces of the hill of Notre-Dame-du-Haut.

Tour for minimum 2 persons. For the comfort of your visit, groups are limited to 30 people

Tour dedicated to a specific theme

« Arts coming together: Le Corbusier in Ronchamp »

Did you know that Le Corbusier, known worldwide for his buildings, was also a painter, a sculptor and a man of letters?

His work in Ronchamp is a perfect example of his many talents.

Walk about this iconic place with a specialist and recognize the artistic inspirations hidden there.

Finally, a musical moment in the Chapel completes the synthesis of different forms of art.

Tour for minimum 2 persons. For the comfort of your visit, groups are limited to 30 people

Tour dedicated to a specific theme

“the key is the light”

The Chapel is suffused with a soft and deeply moving light which raises feelings towards the Sacred.

Le Corbusier used subdued lighting, colours and drawings with symbolical meanings on the window panes.

These are the secrets of Le Corbusier’s ways of creating, and you will no longer miss them after an amazing “architecture walk” about the place.

Visits for minimum 2 persons. For the comfort of your visit, groups are limited to 30 people

Tour dedicated to a specific theme

“The hill from every angle”

Iconic of modern and contemporary architecture in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the Hill of Notre-Dame-du-Haut leaves no one indifferent. A specialist will take you for an architecture tour around the works of Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé and Renzo Piano. The shell (roof) of the Chapel, generally closed to the public, is the apex of this unique visit. Inspired by clever natural and technical shapes, this innovative place is the most puzzling in Le Corbusier’s building.

Visit available for groups from 2 to 8 persons. A good physical condition is required (Visiting regulations must be agreed to and signed down beforehand).


Serious Game

Let your customers or your fellow-workers get acquainted with the Hill of Notre-Dame du Haut by playing games.

Our Serious game allows to understand the different aspects of the hill (materials, history, mathematics, inspirations) by playing in teams.

Share the riddles and carry out your mission thanks to your sense of deduction and to team spirit!

6 participants and more. Starting in April 2021.

Window panes workshop

Would you like to express your artistic feelings?

You can take part in a workshop to create window panes. After having visited the Chapel with our specialist, you will create your own window panes inspired by Le Corbusier’s work.

The members of the team will need to cooperate and to discuss to create together a harmonious “wall of light”.

4 participants and more.

Concrete workshop

After having developed very quickly in the 1950’s, concrete is everywhere around us today. It is both commonplace and extraordinary, it can be used in many ways and have different aspects.

Play with the different textures, colours and shapes of concrete to create your own temporary sculpture. Salvaged materials are available to customize your work.

4 participants and more.


Pause gourmande ou café d'accueil

Que ce soit à votre arrivée ou après votre visite, profitez d’un moment de convivialité  dans notre espace détente, au sein même de la porterie de Renzo Piano.

C’est l’occasion d’apprécier pleinement cette nouvelle architecture, identique à celle du monastère des Clarisses.

Laissez-vous tenter par l’une de nos 2 formules !

Pause gourmande : café, thé, jus d’orange, eau minérale, biscuits et gâteaux moelleux.

Café d’accueil : café, thé, jus d’orange, eau minérale.

Lunch in la Porterie

Offer your group a cold buffet in the friendly and peaceful atmosphere of the Porterie by Renzo Piano or in the Pilgrim’s Shelter by Le Corbusier.

You can choose from two menus by our caterer: classical buffet or gourmet buffet.

This service is offered only if the place is booked for private use, for 10 persons and more. Personal quotation available on demand.

Booking the Chapel for private use

You are a firm and you would like to set up an event to thank your customers, your employees or your partners for being faithful and dedicated?

It is possible now to book the Chapel in Ronchamp, a prominent work by Le Corbusier, to organize private concerts.

Concerts must be in keeping with the religious character of the place. Only string and wind instruments are admitted inside. La Porterie reserves the right to refuse some kinds of music if they aren’t respectful of this spiritual place.

Booking La Porterie for private use

La Porterie by Renzo Piano was inaugurated in 2011. For your work meetings or your presentations, La Porterie offers all the necessary comfort and equipment.

You will enjoy having a large and light room for yourself, where you can also have your meal, a snack or a “welcome coffee.”

In La Porterie you will find a wifi connexion, a video projector and a large screen.

It can accommodate 60 seats or 80 persons (standing and sitting) for a light meal or a cocktail.

A wish, a plan ?

Le service réservation est à votre disposition pour répondre à vos envies et vous accompagner dans vos projets ! 

Prenez contact sans tarder !


Pratical information

Open every day except on Monday and on the 1st of January

Till the 11th of October: from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m

From the 12th of October: from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

Last entrance: 30 minutes before closing time

Firm rates (under 15 persons)

From the 1st april to 31st october
High season rates :

Adult : 9€
Reduced ticket (disabled visitor, jobless visitor, RSA recipient, Cezam pass, Tourisme Vosges du Sud Passport): 6,50€
Student (up to 30 years old) and Avantages jeunes pass: 6,50€ 
Child (8-17 years old): 5€
Yearly Pass (giving illimited access): 15€ 

From the 1st november to 31st march
Low season rates :

Adult : 8€
Reduced ticket (disabled visitor, jobless visitor, RSA recipient, Cezam pass, Tourisme Vosges du Sud Passport): 6,50€
Student (up to 30 years old) and Avantages jeunes pass: : 6€
Child (8-17 years old): 4€
Yearly Pass (giving illimited access): 15€ 

Free admission for the inhabitants of the Local Coucil Community Rahin-et-Chérimont (a proof of address is requested).

pleasef find here all the rates

The admission ticket is valid for the day.

Firm rates (15 paying visitors and more)

Adult : 7€
Student (up to 30 years old) and Student (up to 30 years old) : 5,50€
Child (8 – 17 ans) : €
Reduced ticket (clergy person, disabled visitor, jobless visitor, RSA recipient, Cezam pass) : 6€

Private guided tours rates (starting from 2 people)

VIP guided « discovery » tour : 110 € (admission ticket for 2 persons included)

tour: “Arts coming together: Le Corbusier in Ronchamp”, “the key is the light”: 130€ (admission ticket for 2 persons included)

Guided tour “the hill from every angle”: 150€ (admission ticket for 2 persons included).

Please contact the booking office to know every condition (how to book, price for extra visitor)

Rates for Serious game activity and workshops

Flat rate of 90€ up to 14 visitors plus 5€ more for each additional person up to 30 persons.

Private guided tour rates (15 paying visitors and more), additional services

For any request concerning a tasty snack, “welcome coffee”, lunch or the booking of a place…please contact the booking office.




Commercial service manager

Commercial service manager


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