The Hill as private property

The Chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut and the grounds belong to the Association Oeuvre Notre-Dame du Haut.This is an unusual situation for a religious building.

The history of the association (AONDH) dates from the early nineteenth century when forty local families and the local priest, bought the Ronchamp chapel, sold as national property during the French Revolution. Their goal was to restore the original vocation of the building : a devotional chapel dedicated to the Holy Virgin and a place of pilgrimage, to which the inhabitants of the area remained very attached. The acquisition of the building was made with joint ownership of all people involved in the financing of the purchase, while the worship and financial management of the chapel was provided by the parish, through an agreement with the diocese of Besancon.

After the liberation of Ronchamp in 1944, and the building having been severely damaged. In order to receive war damages, the owners formed a property company in 1949 with a reconstruction committee. When full payment for the completion of the chapel had been made, the property company was transformed on 11th. February 1974 into an Association, governed by the 1901 law of general interest.

Today the Charitable Association Oeuvre Notre-Dame du Haut has forty members and a Board of Directors, chaired by Noël RONCET, and with two Vice Presidents, Christine MUSARD and Jean-François MATHEY. The vice-administrative director is Jean-Jacques VIROT, the treasurer is Christophe MATHEY and the secretary is Yves CALAIS. The headquarters of the AONDH is in the building of the visitor’s pavilion. This building also contains the archives connected with the work of Le Corbusier.

If you wish to support the Charitable Association Œuvre Notre- Dame du Haut, please contact :
Noël RONCET Association Œuvre Notre-Dame du Haut , 13 rue de la Chapelle, F-70250 Ronchamp.